We finally got a date for the first in-person run!

RUN 1: 21st – 24th OCTOBER 2022.

Main inspiration: American Horror Story Season 5, Hotel
Language: English
Player number: 44
Duration: check in Friday, check out Monday

Location: A charming 19th century hotel in Switzerland, Canton Berne. Easily reachable via airports of Zurich, Geneva or Basel and wonderfully reliable Swiss public transport.

STAY @ Home

The online version of STAY has been tested and is being optimized!

Platform: Gather.Town

Cost: Pay what you want, minimum 10€, PayPal only

Player spots: 44 for a full game

Run 1: FEB 27 2021

Run 2: APR 24 2021

Run 3: JUN 05 2021

The larp consists of roughly 6 hours of play with an additional 30 minute break in the middle.

Workshop: FRIDAY before the larp, 6PM – 9PM CET

Larp: SATURDAY, 6PM – 12.30AM CET

Relation workshops as well as one tour through the map are mandatory.