“Have you stayed with us before?”

Check in to this ghostly experience, an unusual dark larp about a haunted hotel!
Love the concept of horror, but don’t enjoy being scared?
Want to portray an evil character who haunts others, but don’t want to play an NPC?
Then STAY is just the thing for you!


Once a year, the ghosts of dead serial killers come to this haunted hotel to have a gloriously gory party, celebrating the height of their powers during Ghosting Hour. Resident ghosts of people who died there and can’t move on might or might not be happy about this annual convention. But they have so far been unable to change the course of history repeating itself over and over again. Phenomenon-hunters almost worship the place, trying to figure out what’s really going on. And of course there are other guests present, who will be pulled into their worst nightmare, even though they are completely innocent. Or are they?

The game is less about death and being scared and more about a vicious cycle you can’t break free from. A family meeting you have to attend every year although you hate the guts of every single one of them.

We are aiming for deep, dramatic character arcs and the feeling of being trapped in a herd of black sheep, while you yourself might be the blackest of them all.

A game of deep immersion and personal play.

A game that invites players to exit their comfort zone and dive into their own sense of evil.

A game that allows players to have a dance with death, quite literally.

It’s about holding on to the past, or letting it go. Or wanting to let it go but not being able to.

Regret, shame, or the lack thereof.