Rules & policies

Age Restriction

Please note that this larp is age restricted. All players must be over 18 at the date of the game.

You will be asked to provide proof of age through photo ID / passport on site.


STAY will be a dry larp. This means there will be no real alcohol served at any time during the game. Real life drinking is reserved for the after party. There will possibly be a cleaning fine on puking.
We will ask all players to please respect this policy so everyone can have a safe game.

Communication with the organizers

We absolutely need a steady and reliable way of communication between participants and organizers. Any and all important matters will be dealt with via email from our official email account:

Participants are asked to check emails and spam-folders regularly for updates. Unresponsiveness concerning e.g. payment deadlines or waiting list spots will lead to you losing your spot on the casting or waiting list, whichever applies. It is up to the organizers to decide how long to wait for a response before consequences are put in place. In general, deadlines and consequences will be announced via email with plenty of time to respond.

Romantic / Sexual Relations in the Larp

Due to casting decisions and uneven gender ratios, it is likely to happen that participants are cast in a romantic, sexual, spousal and/or ex-relationship with a character of a gender they are not attracted to off game. Please note that we can’t promise a casting according to off game preferences 100%. Due to the possibilities of drop-outs and other factors, changes can occur and we can only try to make casting decisions so everybody is comfortable.

While you are free to opt out of having romantic / sexual relationships at all, you cannot opt out of potential relationships being with a character whose gender does not align with your off game preferences.

Relations are generally not set in stone, they can be altered and improved on. However, there are a few dynamics within the game which will lose their meaning if the romantic/sexual aspect is stripped away. We encourage participants in any case to talk to their relations first and if no consensus can be reached, contact JD (Org) via Email, Discord or Facebook for help.