Flagging will take 7 days.

This is for safety and comfort reasons. We can’t possibly know everyone who is signing up and we aren’t aware of potential inter-player conflicts that can disrupt the game. Which is why we will be asking you to reply to our Sign Up List email stating which, if any, individuals you personally want to flag. We will not judge and we will not ask you for reasons for a flag, but you may provide more information if you so wish, for clarification:

Yellow Flag: “I don’t wish to play close to this person and don’t want to share a bedroom. I’m okay with both of us being present at the larp.”

Orange Flag: “I’m not comfortable with this person for interpersonal reasons and if they attend, I will drop out. I don’t deem them unsafe for others / the game, it’s entirely personal.”

Red Flag: “This person is unsafe for other players / the game. If this person attends, I will drop out.”

Nobody will be told who flagged them. The process is entirely confidential between the organizer team and the potential players.

In case of Red flags, the organizer team reserves the right to ask for reasons to clarify the situation. We take Red flags very seriously but these situations can get complicated, so we want to handle them carefully.

The organizers reserve the right to exclude potential participants from the spot lottery given a certain amount of Yellow and/or Orange Flags.