The price for the ONLINE version, STAY @ Home, is as follows:

Pay what you want, minimum 10€
PayPal only!

There are three categories of tickets:

1. Standard Ticket: 350€
2. Generous Ticket: 425€ or 500€
3. Sponsored Ticket: 200€

Payment in lumps is possible:
1st Lump 50€
2nd and 3rd Lump half of the rest respectively, depending on ticket.

The Generous Tickets will directly fund the Sponsored Tickets for people who need them.

We will not ask for reasons why someone signs up for a Sponsored Ticket. We trust that this option remains reserved for people who can’t afford the Standard Ticket.

The price includes:

1. Your 3 night STAY
2. Full board, 3 meals a day, which are probably going to be vegetarian / vegan
3. A bed in a 3-6 person hotel room, bedding sets included, en suite bathrooms
4. Wash towels for shower / whirl pool
5. Access to a sauna after the game
6. Access to an 8 person whirlpool on the rooftop terrace

Please forgive us that the location is not accessible for wheelchairs. There are stairs but no lift.